Next Level Pool Remodeling in San Jose!

Are you tired of your old, worn-out pool being an eyesore in your backyard, or are you looking to upgrade your existing residential pool? Then you've come to the right place. As the leading pool remodeling contractor in San Jose, San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering specializes in turning dream pools into realities.
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Here at San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, we know just how important your pool is. Pools provide a comfortable place where you can relax and make memories with family and friends, and we want to help bring your pool to the next level.

Whether you simply want to resurface your pool or add something new and exciting to it, it doesn't take much to turn your regular pool into the personal outdoor oasis of your dreams. Our highly trained pool technicians are experts in pool remodeling and renovation and have the skills and equipment necessary to bring your dream pool to life.


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No matter where you are in the planning process, we'll walk you through all your options and answer any questions you have along the way. So, if you're thinking about remodeling your pool, there's no better choice in San Jose than San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering.

How to Know When Your Pool Needs to Be Remodeled

It's normal for swimming pools to succumb to wear and tear over time, but it can be difficult for those outside of the industry to tell when their pools need to be remodeled. However, there are a few different telltale signs to look out for.

Cracks and Leaks

Though not quite what many people think of when deciding whether to remodel their pool, the presence of leaks and cracks in a pool is one of the most urgent reasons to remodel. This is because leaks can cause extensive damage to the foundation of your pool and the surrounding land if left unchecked.

It's always necessary to completely renovate a pool when these problems are present. Not only will this prevent any further costly damage to your pool and the land around it, but it also completely eliminates the original problem, ensuring that your pool will be free of leaks and cracks for years to come.

Old and Outdated Plumbing, Pumps, Filters, and Other Equipment

Having outdated plumbing, pumps, filters, and other equipment is another great reason to remodel your pool. These parts are essential in keeping your pool safe and clean, and if they aren't functioning as they should, they need to be replaced entirely.

If your pool is over ten years old, the equipment that was initially installed in your pool is likely just as old, so even if these components still appear to be working correctly, there's no guarantee that they will last long into the future.

If your pool is constantly dirty or you notice loud vibrations, humming, grinding, and screeching coming from your pool, that's a good indication that these components are outdated, not working properly, and must be replaced.

Installing new equipment also provides a number of benefits other than their essential functions, offering enhanced convenience and efficiency. You can say goodbye to your control box and hello to automation and controlling pool systems from your phone.

Inefficient Energy Usage

Older pools tend to be much less energy efficient than newer ones making remodeling your pool a great way to save some money on your energy bill in the long run. We use the most energy-efficient parts on the market so that you can rest assured knowing that your newly remodeled pool is as eco-friendly as possible.

Outdated Lighting

While completely remodeling your pool just because you need to replace the lights probably isn't necessary, it's definitely something to consider if you do decide to remodel your pool.

Broken lights are common issues, but they can threaten the safety of anyone swimming in the pool, especially children. Lighting issues are usually caused by some broader electrical problem, and there's no easier time to repair or replace the light system in your pool than when it's already being remodeled.

We suggest installing LED lights because they are the brightest and most efficient option when it comes to pool lighting. You can even install color-changing LEDs to give your pool a bit of flair.

Old Fashioned Style

Some styles stand the test of time, but others simply don't. If your pool's style looks horribly outdated, then you should consider remodeling it to enhance its visual appeal, increase the property value of your home, and improve its overall efficiency and energy consumption.

Limited Features

Older pools also tend to lack the features often included in most modern-day pools, but by remodeling, you can choose and customize all of the modern features you'd like to have in your new pool. From options like grills and fireplaces to spas and hot tubs, there's no limit to the features you can include in your dream pool.

Faded Pool Deck

Having a faded or otherwise damaged pool deck is another great reason to consider remodeling your pool. From simple cracks to more severe issues like wood rot, chemical stains, and mold, San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering has the expertise to make your pool deck look new again.

Small Size

Unfortunately, pools don't grow as your family and friend group does, and it's not uncommon for pool owners to decide that they need more space. As the leading swimming pool remodeling company in San Jose, we can easily extend or deepen your pool to accommodate all your family and friends.

Our Comprehensive Pool Renovation Services

Here at San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, we offer a comprehensive list of pool remodeling, renovation, and maintenance services making us San Jose's best option for all your pool remodeling needs. Here are our most popular services.

Resurfacing and Plastering

The surface of your pool isn't invincible, and eventually, it will get worn down and damaged. This can negatively affect the visual appeal of your pool and cause the surface to feel rough and uncomfortable on your feet.

A worn-out surface can also increase the likelihood of cracks and leaks forming in your pool which can lead to significant damage if not immediately repaired.

By far, the easiest way to address these issues is to resurface your pool. Our experienced pool technicians are well equipped to quickly and efficiently resurface your pool, instantly making it more visually appealing, durable, and long-lasting.

Pool Deck Remodeling

What good is a beautiful pool if the pool deck is rotting away? Crack weather damage and wood rot are common issues that can easily ruin the look and feel of an otherwise perfect swimming pool. If your pool deck has seen better days, our expert team can remodel your deck and add exciting new features that bring new life to your pool, backyard, and home as a whole.


Cracked and missing tiles can be an unpleasant sight and potentially hurt anyone who accidentally walks on them the wrong way, but our high-quality retiling services make it easy to repair or replace the damaged tiles so you can get back to enjoying your pool as quickly as possible.


Your pool's plumbing is essential to the operation of your pool, keeping your pool clean and safe for anyone who swims in it. However, older plumbing is much less energy efficient and effective than newer plumbing systems.

As the leading swimming pool remodeling contractor in San Jose, we take pride in supplying only the highest quality pool components, so no matter if you want to replace the whole system or just one faulty part, you can trust San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering to get the job done right.

Pool Lighting Installation

Lighting is crucial for keeping your pool safe, but the quality and efficiency of your pool lighting system can vary widely depending on the type of lights you use. LEDs are by far the brightest and most eco-friendly options available, but no matter what your lighting needs and preferences are, we can quickly and easily repair, replace, or install exactly what you need.

Saltwater Chlorination System Installation

If you're looking for an alternative to standard chlorine pools, you may want to consider adding a saltwater system to your pool. Though there is still technically some chlorine present in saltwater pools, they contain much less chlorine than traditional chlorine pools.

Saltwater systems have various benefits, including that they are more environmentally friendly and economical, require little maintenance, and are gentler on your hair, skin, and eyes.

Bring Your Pool to the Next Level with Luxury Features

Having a damaged or outdated pool isn't the only reason to opt for a remodel. Here at San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, we offer a vast selection of luxurious extra features that are bound to take your pool to the next level, making it the envy of the neighborhood. Here are some of our most popular options.

Water Features

When upgrading your pool's look, adding some exciting water features is a surefire way to make an immediate impact. From fountains to water walls and everything in between, we're sure to have plenty of unique options that will make you wish you'd remodeled your pool sooner.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is the standard when it comes to modern residential swimming pools. This is because LED lights provide a variety of advantages over other lighting options.

The lights are incredibly bright and energy efficient, making pools more eco-friendly and economical while also providing increased visibility and safety. They also last much longer than other lights, meaning you'll spend less time on maintenance.

In addition, LED light systems allow you to access and control all their settings from smart devices like your phone or tablet., and can even be programmed to change colors.

Spa Areas and Hot Tubs

If you want to make your pool even more relaxing, adding a spa area or hot tub to your residential pool can drastically increase its versatility and bring a new level of luxury to your outdoor paradise. From pool heaters and water jets to fully attached hot tubs, we can turn your pool into the getaway spa experience of your dreams.

Fire Pitts

There's nothing better than late summer nights in the pool, and being able to have a fire at the same time makes that experience even better. It can be mesmerizing to watch as the flames of the fire dance and reflect off the water in the pool, and adding a fire pit can create a source of warmth and visibility during the chilly summer nights.

Whether you just want a fire pit or would also like to add a grill for cooking on top, we'll develop a design that complements your outdoor space and meets your specific needs.


No other water feature makes your pool look more like a lush and beautiful oasis than a waterfall, and our professional pool technicians will work with you to develop a unique waterfall design that makes your pool stick out above all the rest.

Custom Rock Features

Rock features are another great addition to any pool, making it look more natural and allowing it to better blend in with the landscape of your yard. We specialize in customizing these features to fit your exact specifications, ensuring that you achieve a distinct look that matches the rest of your home.

Water Slides

Who doesn't love a good water slide? They're fun for children and adults of all ages, and as long as your pool is deep enough, they're an easy addition. If you're in need of a water slide, San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering is here to install it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sun Shelf

Sun shelves offer a great place to bask in the sun while also having a full, unobstructed view of the pool entire pool. They're very shallow, making them great for families who want to introduce their young children to the water for the first time.

We have extensive experience designing and installing sun shelves in existing pools, so if you're thinking about adding a sun shelf to your pool, call the professionals here at San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, and we'll get your new sun shelf installed in no time.

How Much Do Pool Renovation Projects Cost?

Estimating the exact cost of the average pool remodeling project is nearly impossible because a project's cost largely depends on a variety of different factors, including the size of the pool, the repairs that need to be done, and the materials and upgrades used in the remodel.

Each pool remodeling project is different, and though basic remodeling projects may only cost a few thousand dollars, larger, more transformative endeavors can often reach upwards of $100,000.

The best way to figure out what your project will cost is to call us. We can schedule a convenient and free no-obligation consultation where we'll come to your home, inspect your pool, and give you a fair and reliable estimate for the total cost of your proposed remodeling project. Whatever your ambitions, we'll do our best to come up with a plan that meets your needs on your budget.

The Pool Remodeling Process

The remodeling process can look very different depending on what you decide to have done. Are you just remodeling the pool, or do you want to add other additional features to complement the space? No matter what you choose to do, you can trust San Jose Pool Remodeling & Plastering for all your pool remodeling needs.

Remodeling a Pool

If you want to remodel the pool itself, the most important factor is the type of material your pool is made of. We have experience dealing with all of the most common pool-building materials, so as soon as we finish your inspection and give you your estimate, we'll move forward with the proper remodeling procedures.

Remodeling Plaster and Concrete Pools

Plaster and concrete are by far the most common materials used in swimming pools, and the process of renovating them can be broken down into a few simple steps.

First, we'll drain the pool and start repairing any cracks or leaks in the foundation. Then we'll sandblast the surface to remove any old and damaged plaster and apply the new layer of plaster on top that will last for years into the future.

For More Than Just the Pool

If you want to completely transform the landscape of your pool and backyard, San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering can do that too. Why stop at the pool when you could create an outdoor space that's so much more?

Our highly skilled team is well-equipped to offer a full suite of pool and backyard remodeling services, making creating the backyard you've always dreamed of easier than ever.

Our services include the installation of outdoor kitchens, grills, pool speakers, outdoor bars, hot tubs, fire pits, water features, patio spaces, and much more, so if you want to completely remodel a pool in San Jose and create a space that your family and friends just won't be able to get enough of, give us a call.

We specialize in bringing dreams to life, so don't let your pool and backyard be anything less than your ideal paradise. Call San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering today!

Our Commerical Swiming Pool Remodeling Services

We don't just stop at residential swimming pools; we also take pride in serving commercial clients all over San Jose.

Commercial pools tend to be much larger and more complex than residential ones, but our highly trained and certified pool technicians have extensive experience working with and remodeling these types of pools.

If you're looking for a trustworthy and reliable pool contractor to remodel your commercial pool, call the professionals here at San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Remodeling. We also do Pool Plastering service, you can check that out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Remodeling

It's not uncommon for homeowners to have questions about pool remodeling projects, and we're always happy to answer any questions you have. Here are some of the most common questions we get about pool remodeling.

How Long Do Pool Remodeling Projects Take?

The answer to this question can vary depending on the size and scope of the project. However, smaller projects can often be completed in a matter of just a few days, while larger projects that include structural repairs, upgrades, and additional landscaping can take anywhere from a few weeks to two months.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Estimate?

We're proud to offer quick, convenient, and free no-obligation pool inspections, consultations, and price estimates. We are usually able to send one of your pool technicians to your home within a day of you contacting us. After the inspection and consultation, you'll receive an official estimate the very next day.

When is the Best Time of Year to Get Your Pool Remodeled?

The best time of year to start a pool remodeling project is in the late fall or early winter. By this time, peak swimming season is over, allowing our remodeling team to complete your project without making you miss out on using your pool in the summer.

How Should I Maintain My Newly Remodeled Pool?

Once the remodel is complete, you'll need to make sure that it is properly maintained if you want your pool to stay in perfect condition long into the future. We offer a number of pool cleaning and maintenance services that can make it much easier for you to ensure that your pool is well-maintained.

We also suggest keeping your pool covered in the offseason as this simple and easy precaution can prevent your pool from being unnecessarily damaged due to weather.

Will My Yard Be Safe During the Pool Remodeling Process?

No matter the size of the project, we are extra careful to manage, contain, and get rid of all the dust, dirt, and other debris created in the remodeling process, and we promise that we won't tear up your yard with heavy machinery.

We're here to help turn your yard into your ideal outdoor paradise, and we know we can't do that if we tear up the rest of your yard in the process. As soon as we finish your project, we'll spend time carefully cleaning and packing up so that your is even more pristine than when we first arrived.

Do I Need Any Special Permits or Paperwork to Renovate My Pool?

The permits and paperwork required to complete a pool remodeling project depend on its size and scope. We have in-depth knowledge of all the local building codes and regulations, so we'll make sure you're informed of what permits you need and help you obtain them.


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