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A swimming pool can be a great addition to any home, providing a nice place to cool off and spend time with family and friends. However, if you want your pool to last, you’ll need to ensure it’s properly maintained.

All swimming pools are vulnerable to wear and tear over time, but sometimes repairing your pool after the fact simply isn’t enough, and specialized equipment will need to be installed or replaced to ensure that your pool keeps operating as intended.
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Over time, many essential components that keep your pool safe and clean will break down and need to be replaced with lights, filters, pumps, timers, heaters, and pool cleaners all being susceptible to breaking down over time.

Luckily, San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering has you covered. From energy-saving projects like LED light and pool automation system installation that can help you save on your utility bill to more standard maintenance like filter and pump replacement, San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

If you’re considering a new installation or want to explore your options, call us, and we’ll set up a free no-obligation consultation.


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Our Swimming Pool Equipment Installation and Replacement Services

San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering is the most trusted pool equipment installation company in San Jose, and we’re proud to offer our clients a comprehensive list of pool equipment installation and replacement services.

We can install and replace a wide variety of different types of pool equipment, including cartridge, sand, and D.E. filters, water pumps, salt chlorinator systems, automated pool control systems, lights, valves, actuators, and pool vacuums.

New Pool Equipment Installation in San Jose

We take pride in being the leading pool equipment installation contractor in San Jose, and we’re committed to providing and installing only the highest quality equipment in your residential swimming pool. We use equipment from trusted brands, including Pentair, Hayward, and Sta-Rite, ensuring that your pool continues to operate at peak condition for years to come.

One of the biggest reasons to install new equipment in your pool is to reduce energy consumption and lessen the time needed to maintain it. Products like smart pumps, cartridge filters, and remote control units can all assist you in these goals, saving you both time and money.

No matter what equipment you’d like to install in your swimming pool, the experienced technicians at San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering have the skills and knowledge to get your new equipment installation done as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

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Pool Equipment Replacement Services

In addition to installing new pool equipment, we also offer a number of replacement services that can help keep your pool in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

Pool Equipment Sets

Equipment set upgrades offer an excellent opportunity for pool owners to drastically improve their pool's circulation, filtration, and heating system. These advanced equipment sets can help your pool stay cleaner and allow it to run more efficiently, leading to reduced energy bills and a better overall pool experience. And, with the option to go for a full or partial upgrade, it's easy to find the perfect option to fit your exact needs.

Water Pumps

Installing variable-speed and energy-efficient water pumps is another great way to reduce energy consumption and save money, and adding an automated controller or a smart pump into the mix can help you save even more.


Replacing your old filters with more modern cartridges or D.E. filters won’t only keep your water clearer and cleaner, but they can also increase further help you cut back on energy consumption.


Yet another opportunity to save on your energy bills, replacing your old heater with a more modern one can keep your water just as warm while using only a fraction of the energy. Just be sure to pick a heater appropriate for your pool’s size and shape.

Pool Automation Systems

Automating the timers, lighting, filtration pumps, heaters, and other essential equipment in your pool can help your swimming pool run more efficiently and stay clean and safe for you and your family.

Saltwater Pool Systems

Saltwater systems are becoming increasingly popular in modern pools and for a good reason. They’re chemical-free, making them safer and healthier than traditional chlorine pools. These systems can even be added to existing pools, allowing you to enjoy an almost instant improvement in your swimming experience.

Pool Vacuums

Pool Vacuums or cleaners are necessary to keep the surface of your swimming pool free of debris. If your pool vacuum breaks, replacing it is an easy solution that will keep your pool clean and clear.


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