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If your pool deck could use a renovation, then you've come to the right spot. As the leading pool deck contractor in San Jose, San Jose Pool Resurfacing & Plastering has the knowledge and experience to make your pool deck look good as new.
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It's only natural that your pool deck wears over time as it faces constant exposure to the elements, but you don't have to sit idly by as the condition of your pool deck continues to deteriorate. Give us a call today and give new life to your old, worn-out pool deck.

How Do You Know If You Should Resurface Your Pool Deck?

Pool deck renovations can be lengthy and costly endeavors, so it's not uncommon for pool owners to push off repairs for as long as possible. But as the top pool deck resurfacing contractor in San Jose, we know how to get projects done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Many owners can't recognize the signs that they should get their pool deck resurfaced, so how do you know if you should resurface your pool deck?


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Pool decks are constantly exposed to the elements, meaning that materials can start to peel away over time. You may also start to notice cracking due to foundational issues or faded paint that no longer reflects sunlight. Noticing any of these issues is an excellent reason to get your pool deck resurfaced, as ignoring these issues can lead to more costly ones down the road.

It's also a good idea to resurface your pool deck if you plan on selling your home in the near future to preserve and possibly increase the property value of your home.

What Materials Do We Use for Pool Deck Resurfacing?

We have a wide variety of materials to choose from when planning your pool deck resurfacing project. We carefully select every one of the materials we use to ensure they are of the highest quality and durability.

Our materials are also incredibly low maintenance, saving you time and energy throughout the whole life of the pool deck, and with so many different colors and styles to choose from, it's easy to match the exact vision you have in your head. Here are some of our most popular offerings.


Pavers are one of the most popular materials pool deck resurfacing materials. They're incredibly durable and resistant to weathering and corrosion from the harsh chemicals often present in swimming pools. In addition, pavers are low maintenance and easy to repair and replace if damaged.

Stamped Concrete

Going for a more natural look? Then stamped concrete is the way to go. Mimicking the look of natural stone, stamped concrete offers a more rustic look that's bound to please. You can even apply extra stains and colors to make the concrete look even more realistic and unique.

Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays provide a sleek and luxurious look and require much less time and preparation to install than most of the other popular options. Instead of requiring invasive ground prep beforehand, these overlays are simply laid on top of your existing concrete pool deck, providing an instant visual upgrade that resembles marble.

Brick or Tile

Brick and tile are great options for pool owners who want to achieve a unique look that sets their pool apart from the rest. These materials are easy to install, inexpensive, low maintenance, and provide a cool surface for you to walk on, even when exposed to direct sunlight all day long.

Kool Decking

Kool decking has been a mainstay in the pool industry since the 60s and for a good reason. Kool decking has a pleasant appearance and performs incredibly well as a deck surfacing material, even providing extra traction when wet. As the name entails, this material also reflects sunlight allowing it to stay cool on hot days.

Stenciled Concrete

Looking to resurface your pool deck on a budget without compromising on quality? Then stamped concrete has what you're looking for. Offering the durability of concrete and, when paired with acid stains, the flexibility to mimic the appearance of pavers, flagstone, and timber, stenciled concrete remains one of the best and most economical pool deck resurfacing materials.

How Do We Install Pool Decks?

Though the steps involved in pool deck resurfacing can vary widely depending on the materials used, the process can still be broken down into a few basic steps.

Repairs and Preparation

We first repair any cracks and other damage to the existing concrete, then shot blast and grind it to make it easier for the new surface to bond to the base.

Clean and Prime

We then thoroughly pressure wash the concrete before waiting for it to dry and applying a primer coating.

Mix Product and Apply Overlay

The next step is to mix the product and apply it to the pool deck. Each product has different specific preparation and application instructions, so the techniques used vary widely.

Add Designs and Textures

We then add designs and textures to the overlay using specialized tools like stamps, rakes, and hand trowels.

Cure and Seal

Up next is simply waiting for it to cure, after which a sealant will be applied to enhance its resistance to weathering and stains.

Pool deck resurfacing is a tedious and labor-intensive process, but as the leading pool deck resurfacing company in San Jose, we have the experience and expertise to get your resurfacing project done right.

Pool Deck Maintenance

Once your pool deck is resurfaced, it's essential to make sure that it is properly maintained. Though most of the coatings we use are moisture and chemical resistant, if something does spill, you should try to clean it up as soon as possible using a non-abrasive commercial surface cleaner and power washer if necessary.

Pool Deck Design

When it comes to design, we take pride in offering an almost endless list of colors, textures, and patterns, ensuring that it's easy for you to meet all your style preferences.


No matter what look your want to achieve, we have the colors to make it happen. Offering a wide variety of colors from duller natural tones to more vibrant, eye-catching hues, we'll mix you with a custom color that compliments your home and the landscape around it.

Textures, Patterns, and Masonry Effects

We also have the tools and expertise to make various shapes, patterns, and textures. From simple shaped patterns to stamps that mimic the look of natural stone, flagstone, wood, and more, you might be surprised by how many possibilities there are.

Once completed, you may also want to consider any number of toppings and coatings. From acrylic coatings to concrete overlays, there's no shortage of options, so if you are feeling unsure or would like some guidance, feel free to call us, and we'll happily answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Deck Resurfacing

Is It Possible to Resurface an Existing Pool Deck?

Yes, as long as you don't have any significant structural damage to the pool deck itself. When it comes to minor cracking and stains, resurfacing your pool deck is an easy way to make it look good as new again.

What is the Best Pool Deck Coating?

Concrete is by far the best material to use for your pool deck for a few important reasons, the first of which is that it's incredibly durable. Concrete is more resistant to weathering and lasts much longer than many other building materials, and even if it does eventually succumb to damage, it's easy to repair.

Concrete is also ideal because it's very low maintenance. All you need to do is apply a good sealer, and your concrete will be resistant to stains, as well as the normal wear and tear associated with constant exposure to the elements.

The last big reason why concrete is ideal is its flexibility when it comes to design. No matter what your desired look is, concrete can be stained, stamped, and patterned to achieve an almost infinite number of appearances, giving owners the flexibility and customizability they need to achieve their own unique and visually appealing look.

How Much Does Resurfacing a Pool Deck Cost?

The cost of pool deck resurfacing projects can vary widely depending on various factors, including the condition of the existing concrete surface, types of materials used, level of design detail, and size of the project. If you want a better idea of what your pool deck renovation might cost, call us, and we'll send a technician to your home for a free inspection and price estimate.

How Do You Keep Your Pool Deck Cool?

Kool decking is an excellent choice if you want to ensure that your pool deck stays cool enough to walk on. It reflects sunlight, unlike concrete which can absorb heat and get unbearably hot. However, ensuring that your pool deck is lightly colored is another great way to ensure it doesn't absorb too much heat.

Are There Any Slip-Resistant Options Available?

Safety is essential, and nobody wants a pool deck that becomes dangerously slippery as soon as it gets wet, so we offer a number of slip-resistant products that can make your pool deck a much safer place to walk.

What if My Existing Concrete Has Cracks?

In the case of minor cracks, they can most likely be patched. However, if significant cracks exist, it may be a sign of greater structural damage that needs to be addressed.

How Much Does Adding an Overlay Increase the Thickness of Concrete?

This can depend on the quality and evenness of the concrete way lay it on, but in general, adding an overlay can add anywhere from a quarter inch to two inches in thickness.

How Long Do Resurfaced Pool Decks Last?

Maintenance and extreme weather aside, you should expect a newly installed or resurfaced pool deck to last about a decade and, in some cases, up to 25 years.


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